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Policies and Procedures

Zero Car Rental operates based on a system of policies and procedures, clear and duly authorized by regulating agencies, fur the benefit of the corporation and the client.

For inquiries or comments, please call 01 800 212 0752 or by e mail to, so a representative, from client services, can assist you.


  • The minimum age is 21 years of age. There is no limit for maximum age.
  • Present an original and current drivers license, with photograph.
  • The titleholder of the rental, or the authorized additional driver, must present his/her current, original driver’s license, from the country of residence. We reserve the right  to verify and accept the drivers licenses, according to the established norms by Zero Car Rental, and negate the rental, in case of any omision  or non compliance.
  • An official identification, current and with photograph IFE (for Mexicans) or, passport, current, with photograph, from the country of residence.
  • As payment for the rental of the vehicle, Credit or Debit Cards are accepted,(Amex, Visa, Discovery, Or MasterCard) traveler’s checks, Mexican pesos, US Dollars or Euros. Personal checks or travel vouchers are not accepted. We reserve the right to accept, or not, if the Credit or Debit Card is from a special promotion, in bad shape or is illegible.
  • Zero Car Rental, reserves the right to decline the reservation or the rental of the vehicle, if the client does not cover satisfactorily the necessary requirements to carry out the commercial transaction.



  • For security, deposits for guarantee are not accepted in cash, in any currency. This method is only with a credit card.
  • A bank authorization will always be required for the credit card guarantee for deposit.



Mini Economic to Midsize   $ 600 USD
Intermediates $ 700 USD
Full Size $ 800 USD 
Jeeps and SUV’s  $ 900 USD 
Mini or Full Size Vans $1,000 USD 
Luxury $1,500 USD  



  • This additional charge, that is independent of the total quote of the reservation or rental contract, will vary, depending on the distances between cities. The amount will be stipulated on the confirmation of the reservation, that is e mailed to the client.
  • In case of one day rentals only, to pick up in Cancun and drop off at playa del Carmen, or visa versa, the additional charge is 20 USD. If it is for the Akumal – Tulum areas, the additional charge is 30 USD.


Gasoline is not included in the total quote. With the same level you receive in the gas tank, it is the same level you must return in the rented vehicle, according to the stipulated amount on the rental contract. There are no refunds for excess gasoline. If the level is less, the following amounts will be charged.

Mini Economic to Full Size, 60 pesos, for each octave.

Jeeps and SUV’s, 90 pesos, for each octave.

Mini and Full Size Vans and Luxury, 120 pesos for each octave.



On each rental contract, the titleholder is allowed to designated two additional drivers, at no extra cost. The additional drivers must comply with the same requirements stipulated on encision “A”. Likewise, they are subject to the same driving obligations for the rented vehicle and are also responsible.


  • The total quote, includes the rent of a vehicle for the period of time stipulated on the rental contract ( by day, week or month), mileage is unlimited and includes insurance ( see here ).
  • The minimum rent is for 24 hours, even though the client may only use a portion of that period stipulated.
  • The fractions of the day that exceed 3 hours, shall be considered and charged as a whole day.
  • The total quote, does not include traffic fines, tow away services, gasoline or returning the rental vehicle in another city or, any other situation the client can be held accountable for.
  • There is a tolerence period of 30 minutes to return the rented vehicle that will be stipulated, and agreed to, on the rental contract. If the vehicle is not returned at the hour and date stipulated, there will be a charge of 15 dollars, per hour. If it exceeds 3 hours, the rate for the whole day will be charged, according to the daily rate stipulated on the rental contract.
  • All vehicles, from Zero Car Rental, have the corresponding permits to enter and exit Belize, Guatemala or Honduras. The client must request that wish, in the space for “comments”, on the reservation, so that the necessary documentation will be available, when the client arrives to process his/her rental contract.
  • The insurances coverages, that are included in the total quote, are valid only in Mexico. All the insurance coverages are subject to the clauses of registry, authorized by the Better Business Bureau (PROFECO) on contract 1768-2010, and that are stipulated on the rental contract.


  • The place and date, accorded and stipulated on the rental contract, may be modified by the client, with the authorized request from Zero Car Rental. In case of non compliance of this disposition, by the titleholder of the rental contract, Zero Car Rental, besides applying the corresponding charges, has the faculty to rescind the rental contract immediately and will exercise the necessary actions to physically recuperate the rented vehicle, wherever it may be independently of who may be driving.
  • The client has the obligation to request the extension of the rental period, from Zero Car Rental, in advance, and must have the authorization in writing. If, after seven calendar days, there is no communication from the client Zero Car Rental, will report the failure to return the rented vehicle to the corresponding authorities, and will follow any and all procedures dictated by the authorities.



  • On reservation by internet, it is not necessary to furnish credit card numbers. (Unless it is a prepaid reservation).
  • If the client does not feel comfortable guaranteeing his/her reservation by internet, it can be done through our reservation center (see here) obtaining the same rights and obligations, as it were by internet.
  • Zero Car Rental will have as a priority to have the vehicle requested by the client. In case there is non availability, it will furnish a similar vehicle, in the same category.
  • Reservations shall be honored up to four hours after the requested hour, and one hour, in high seasons.
  • Reservations that are guaranteed with a credit card, or are prepaid, will be maintained active during the entire working day or, until the office closes that day.
  • The charge for a “no show” (failure to arrive for a guaranteed reservation) shall be applied when the client does not request the cancelation of the reservation, with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the hour and date of the reservation. The charge will be one days rental rate confirmed for the rental vehicle.

Policies on Insurance

In case of an accident, the driver must immediately inform ACR so the insurance company can be notified. The insurance company requires that the driver, in case of an accident should be authorized on the rental contract and must present his/her current drivers license, with a photograph. Likewise, they must stay at the scene of the accident to furnish information to the insurance company.


CDW (Collision, fire or theft damage)

  • It reduces the responsibility of the title holder of the rental contract, and authorized additional drivers, in case of an accident. They will only be responsible for a stipulated amount, not the total value of the rented vehicle.
  • It does not cover partial theft of accessories and is valid only in Mexico.
  • The deductible amount will depend on the rented vehicle.

EPC (Extended protection coverage)

  • Covers the total value of the rented vehicle. It reduces the deductible to zero, if the terms and conditions of the rental contract are complied with.
  • It is important that this does not cover tires or glass. For this, you must purchase the TGI coverage.
  • The coverage is only in Mexico.

PAI (Medical Expenses)

  • In case of an accident, it covers medical expenses, ambulance service, doctors and hospital expenses for the occupants of the rented vehicle.
  • It will cover the amount of 13,000 USD, per occupant.
  • It will only cover the stipulated authorized capacity of the rented vehicle and  is valid only in Mexico.

PLI (Third person/ property damage)

  • It covers expenses, related to accidents in which our client has the direct responsibility to cover damages to other persons or vehicles.
  • It will cover 1,200,000 pesos.
  • It covers legal assistance, if required.
  • It has coverage only in Mexico.


TGI (Tires, Rims or glass)

  • Covers partial or total damage to tires, rims or hubcaps, of the rented vehicle
  • Covers partial or total damages to windows or windshields of the rented vehicle.
  • It will cover it only in Mexico.
  • This coverage has an additional; 
    • 5  USD per day.

 You may request it at our counter before you finish filling out your rental contract.